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We may be a lil’ dirty minded, but we’re still Clean AF! These badass soy wax Clean AF candles are infused with true determination, rigorous honesty and hope. Featuring scents reminiscent of crisp air and woodsy wilderness with undertones of fresh, vibrant herbs growing from the ashes of the past. A transformative and perfect sobriety gift to celebrate your own recovery or a friend’s.


Burn, baby, burn (in an orderly and safe fashion, ya’ll) to promote healing, spiritual growth, inner strength, positivity and a sense of deliciously deep relaxation.


Scent notes: Clary Sage | Hinoki | Amber Musk | Citrus | Vanilla | Grass


Our handcrafted, 100% organic soy candles are scented with essential oils, freshly dried flowers and herbs. All are lovingly and intentionally poured in fully reusable, sustainable glass vessels. 8 oz. candle with approximately 45-hour burn time.


"Clean AF" Sobriety Candle | Unique Sobriety Gift | Recovery Gift


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