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- Aromatherapy Crystal Candles - 

    Handcrafted, soy-based candles scented exclusively with essential oils and freshly dried flowers, herbs and fruits, designed to provide a distinctive aromatherapy experience. Each creation features an authentic, hand-chosen crystal or stone selected for its unique healing, protection and energetic properties to help you create a mood, set an intention, meditate and connect more deeply with the universe – or yourself.  


    As you light and use these candles, your crystals or stones will gently sink deeper into the pooling wax. When done using, let the wax fully cool, then remove your crystals or stones. Wash them with soap and warm water, pat dry and continue to use them in your meditation and spiritual practices, keep them in your pocket or place them on a windowsill or your desk to keep in sight and remind you of the intentions or recovery mantras you set and be mindful throughout your day.


    Handpoured in upcycled, fully reusable vessels. Packaged and shipped in a mixture of compostable, reusable and recyclable materials because sustainability, respecting and taking care of the planet we all share is important to us.


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