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we walk together

The opposite of addiction is connection. Beyond Sober bridges the gap between the realization of, “I don’t like who I am when I drink or use,” and living a life of sustainable, resilient recovery. We provide safe, inclusive, engagement-based social and educational events that inspire and enhance connections within the addiction-recovery community. 


Owned and led by women in recovery, Beyond Sober is uniquely positioned to help reduce the impact of substance misuse throughout Charlotte, NC and its surrounding areas. Our programming provides relapse-preventive support and community-level change in an active, authentic and measurable way. We offer a broad spectrum of activities that meet people exactly where they are in their personal journey. By working hand-in-hand with local sober and recovery-owned businesses, we’re helping to build and enrich a thriving, holistic ecosystem.    


Join us - we’ve saved a seat for you!   


In solidarity, support and strength,


Leslie + Jes

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