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Jes + Leslie

We are sisters in sobriety, cultivating meaningful connections to inspire, celebrate and encourage the clean and sober recovery community. 


We freaking love creating. 


So what do we create? Shared space for people to explore and enjoy recovery. Designs that enhance and spread the technicolor joy and freedom found in a clean + sober life.


Wearable art that helps smash the stigma around addiction recovery and promotes the proud and brave choice to live an awake, aware and authentic life in sobriety. 


We’re inspired by the energy that unites us all. Nature. Mysticism and meditation. The cosmos. And kindred spirits, like you, who share this journey with us. 

As a women-owned and operated small business with more than 33 years of experience in the professional creative and design industries, we're beyond humbled

to walk this path with you.


We're grateful you're here! We hope you fall in love with something that speaks to you. Have fun!


Abandon the ordinary.
Find what’s beyond.

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