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Anchor of Hope: Sober Living

Good morning fellowship!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Josh Bone, owner of Anchor of Hope Sober Living here in Charlotte, NC. Josh had a vision to create a sober living home, anchored in faith and recovery. That vision has now become a reality! We had a great conversation all about recovery; sharing our experience, strength and hope.

Anchor of Hope opened up about 2 years ago and offers a sober living environment for those that need hands-on assistance to their path of recovery. They provide everything from housing, food, and access to 12 step recovery resources to help you get back on your feet and to succeed at a sober life. Although Anchor of Hope is a faith based program, Josh explains that they do not monopolize any specific 12 step program/belief system. The residents are encouraged to follow whichever 12 step recovery program they are called to. They talk and share about family, community and relationships, as well as offering accountability and structure while encouraging spiritual principles.

When I asked Josh why he started this program, he shared "I only experienced sober living; I never went to treatment. Having had that experience, that’s how I felt I could give back in the best way. It’s what i felt was needed."

Josh's hope is that when people choose to leave Anchor of Hope, that they have been given an example of what a spiritual life and living in sobriety looks like.

If you are trying to get sober and need assistance, please visit for more details and contact information. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for updates and inspiration. They are about to open their 13th sober house, this will be the 2nd house for women!

Anchor of Hope Sober Living is here to help you ~ Have a blessed day!

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