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Charlotte Rescue Mission: A Full & Thankful Heart

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

What it's all about:

The Charlotte Rescue Mission strives to help people in the community that struggle with homelessness and addiction by sharing the gospel of Christ, so that they may be equipped to thrive in the community. Founded in 1938, the Charlotte Rescue Mission has been located in several locations with several different names, though their mission has remained the same: to work towards a world free of addiction.

Services offered:

Services are offered through two programs: one for men (Rebound) and one for women (Doves Nest). In 2019 the mission opened a Community Matters Cafe as well, a full service restaurant and coffee shop adjacent to the Rebound campus. Rebound began with a 90-day residential program to empower individuals to move beyond the cycles of homelessness and addiction to become productive citizens in the community. In 1992 these services were extended to women by launching Doves Nest. In 2008 the Doves Nest program grew from a 12 bed facility to 120 beds, providing safety and care to children as well as their mothers.

Ways to give:

There are many ways that we can give to Charlotte Rescue Mission, even if it means just giving your time. For reference, Click here to make a financial donation and/or click here to volunteer. In addition to essential tasks, a volunteer simply gives time and love to the residents, reminding them that the community cares about them. Visitations may be approved to allow recovered alcoholics/addicts to sponsor and bring meetings into the facilities. There are also several items that are needed for donations such as food, clothing and medicine. For a more detailed list, click here.

Here is one heartwarming testimony of many:

"I got to Doves Nest in December 2015 and haven't had a drink or drug since! I can't even describe how grateful I am to that facility and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for saving my life!" - Caeli T.

To learn more about Charlotte Rescue Mission, you can visit their website at or check out their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have a desire to stop drinking or drugging and require temporary assisted sober living, please reach out!

As owners of 12 Step Swag, we strive to be more than just an online store. We would like to utilize our platform to connect with the community to provide resources to those in need. Someone gave it to us and it's our duty to give it back.

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