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Growth, Groaning, and Google: Presenting Beyond Sober!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

One of the things we seem to discuss a lot in sobriety and recovery is growth. Personal growth. Emotional growth. Spiritual growth and transformation. We’re perpetually in motion, working to slough off the tired, jagged skin we wore in active addiction. Shedding layers to reach the true versions of ourselves who we are without the added chemicals. We ask ourselves, “Is coffee even good?” (Affirmative.) “Is live music actually fun when I’m not there to get fucked up beyond recognition?” (Mostly.) “Am I REALLY a morning person?!” (Yup.) These questions, the minor and the meaty, require a lot of consideration. And trial and error. Learning, and relearning and then trying some more.

While we’re learning, we can’t forget the associated growing pains – because you know very well that these types of internal shifts, be they seismic or smallish, never happen without dusting off the cobwebs of long-held thoughts and feelings and then rearranging them multiple ways, many times, to make room for the new. It’s a lot of work. And it sometimes requires lots of groaning and heaving sighs (at least on my end) to get through it. But I remind myself that’s it’s worth it. Because the end result is so freaking rewarding.

My business partner, Jes, and I have been doing a lot of dusting and furniture rearranging these last few months in the “office.” We’ve been asking ourselves the same questions we consider in our personal recoveries, specifically around “How can we be even more aligned with our highest selves/consciousness for the greater good?”

The answer? We grow!

We’ve expanded the focus of our business beyond 12 Step Swag to offer a community-centric experience that’s reflective of our own sobriety, recoveries and lifestyles. The heart of recovery from addiction lies in connection. And to us, connection means inclusivity and love, especially around methods and means of sobriety. Many find sobriety outside of 12-step programs, and that is a miracle to be recognized and honored alongside those who share the rooms as the foundation for their sober journeys.

As creative thinkers, spiritual seekers, cosmic crafty creatures and fun-loving dreamers, we want our business platform and product base to be as broad as our mindset, so we’ve rebranded as Beyond Sober. Same fantastic service and cool threads, but with room to continue to grow and incorporate different products, aspects of ourselves, our lives and our recovery interests to share with you.

We’ve groaned while working fiendishly (battling Google’s Algorithms of the Damned) to bring you our new presence on our website and across social media (please excuse any small hiccups on the social part – I still have some work (and groans) left in me reserved for that).

Despite how much I love ‘em, words simply cannot convey our appreciation and gratitude to all of you, especially those in our local Carolinas’ community for all the support, love and inspiration throughout this past year. You helped us get and stay sober and plant the seeds of our business. You helped us nurture it. You enabled this new growth and can’t thank you enough. We literally could not have done this without you.

We’re excited to share this growth with you and hope to see you online soon!



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