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ReTREAT yo’self! Where in the world are the Sober Swag gals?

Two women in custom-made "Your Story Matters" sobriety T-shirts
Leslie and Jes modeling custom sobriety shirts

R-E-T-R-E-A-T! Find out what it means to me…(sung to the tune of the beloved Aretha Franklin song ‘bout a little respect). We’ll be finding out what it means to us in March, as we join a group of our sober sisters for a weekend of fun, frolic and fellowship in the picturesque North Carolina mountains.

If I’m being honest, I don’t know what to expect from a “sober women’s retreat” – which is ironic, since I’m on the planning committee! I’ve experienced numerous retreats of the corporate and Girl Scout varieties, but I’ve never experienced a gathering dedicated to strengthening our sobriety and cultivating the depth of the connections we feel for each other.

I know what I hope this sober retreat will be: A weekend idyll – a collection of meaningful moments in which we can be our authentic selves, in all our softness and strength. A case study in which the love, support, safety and inherent kindness I feel from each and every woman there explodes in technicolor – a living, breathing unity of souls who gather together to enrich and better our own lives, which are intertwined with each other’s.

It feels like an important milestone in my journey – this long and twisty, often thorny, path I’m trudging in search of the “me” I was meant to be. My destination? A home I’ve never known – but one which I often catch glimmers of in the words, eyes and voices of these incredibly heroic, sober and special women.

Our business offering to this gathering is humble – just how we like it. We’ve made our first custom T-shirts for these lovely ladies to commemorate this gathering, and to provide a physical reminder of the cherished memories, support and love we shared for long after we’ve left and returned to our daily lives.

We’re excited to share the joy of this togetherness experience with you by launching our custom shirts to support other recovery groups, sobriety happenings and any ol’ event you crazy charmers can think of! Because everyone loves a sweet, swaggy keepsake.

Contact us today for your own custom sober shirt order – we offer free, personalized designs and artwork on soft, quality T-shirts in more than 55 colors. With a variety of visuals, including screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, embroidering, hand-distressing and bleaching, you’re sure to find an option to delight your friends and chosen family.

If you’re local to Charlotte and surrounding areas, we will deliver your order free of charge, but we also offer shipping. Please contact us to place custom shirt orders three to four weeks in advance.



Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, our website, Etsy or TikTok to learn more about us, and our freakishly fun sober swag, clothing and recovery gifts.


12 Step Swag, LLC is not affiliated with specific 12-step recovery groups. We are a small, women-owned business offering products and custom services at affordable prices to support recovery in all its forms and facets, showcasing the joy, fun and freedom that can be found through livin’ that sober life.

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