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So...WTF is self-care?

C’mon. We’re all wondering.

Self-care. It’s a term we hear bandied about the internet, in books, in apps, in therapy – but what THE HECK is it, really?! When I first started recovery, all I heard was the insistent buzz of well-meaning people telling me to practice “self-care.” When I questioned what that term actually meant, it seemed to involve taking a lot of baths. BREAKING NEWS: It’s actually not!! And, whew, am I grateful for that, because I don’t like sitting for long periods of time (read: impatient) and baths make me sweaty (read: I have no chill and am wicked hormonal).

I had to really search within myself to figure out the meaning of those two seemingly small words: self and care. Turns out for me, I needed to forget baths and strip self-care down to the basics. Did I want to shower? If so, did I carve out the time to make that happen in and amongst the other bajillion things I felt I needed to get done that day? When I took said shower, was I allowing myself to be present and mindful to enjoy it, rather than hurriedly slapping the shampoo on my head and rushing through the whole process because I don't know how to just "be"? Did I sit down to eat food when I was hungry, rather than just grabbing discards from my kids' plates before I turned on the faucet to rinse the rejected food down the drain? Did I actually stop and take the time to consider what I want, need and feel like doing as a human being? The answer to those questions was usually "no."

As I’ve spent time trying to figure out what self-care means to me, I’ve cobbled together (after much trial and error) some routines that seem to meet me right where I am on a daily basis. An arsenal of tools and tactics I use to combat my internal messiness: reconnecting me to the universe on a calming, spiritual level; managing my constant anxieties; my fanatical fixation on productivity; my incessant worries about how each and every one of my loved ones are faring; the eternal questions of “Am I not doing enough...or is it too much?” Basically, any consuming emotion I have that I don’t quite know what to do with or how to manage.

In this arsenal, I keep a few things handy:

  • Journals with crisp pages (we’ve got a limited supply left on our site - but don't worry - more on the way soon!)

  • Smooth pens with velvety ink (I could write a novel about my quest for the perfect pen)

  • Scented candles

  • Aromatherapy oils (citrus for cheer and energy, lavender for serenity and soothing, etc.)

  • Books, books, books (the daily ones, the spiritual kind, the self-help variety, earnest poetry volumes and the dive-right-in, gripping fictional stories)

  • Crystals (learning more every day about these)

  • Mood-curated playlists (I do love a good tune)

  • Oracle and mindfulness cards (endlessly diverting)

  • Blankets and pillows (everyone needs a soft, cuddly hug sometimes)

  • Breathing (usually, I count to myself or use a guided app)

  • Meditation (guided apps or music are my jams for this – trying to turn off my mind and approach internal balance)

  • Yoga (I perform the stretching, almost-napping kind – not the athletic kind – because I am lazy)

And the best part of these self-care practices? There. Are. No. Rules.

I can apply these tools at will, whenever and however I want. There is no “correct” way to do them. There is no “right” time or “preferred method” I need to employ. Because self-care is just taking care of yourself. Making yourself comfortable. Eating when hungry…drinking water when thirsty. It sounds basic, right? Like “Life 101: In Which I Learn to Listen to my Body.” Welp, in my experience, that’s exactly what self-care that actually works for me means.

When I’m feeling frantic, a little crazy, not-quite-myself or when my head is a lonely, dark place in which to reside, I start doing one of these activities or using one of these tools to work through my feelings in a healthy, sober livin’ kind of way. And if it doesn’t feel right – I try something else until my actions, my head and/or my heart feel better. I don’t have to force anything. I can explore and be open-minded, and pieces of the solution find their way to me when I am ready and willing to receive them.

It's pretty magical. So go forth! Explore openly. Figure out what makes you feel good – calm, peaceful, relaxed and known – and I hope this list and/or some of my go-tos help you discover the magic that resides within you, too.



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