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This is but a beginning...

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Hello fellow alcoholics and addicts!

We would like to extend a warm welcome; we're glad you are here. We have received an overwhelming flow of love and support these past few beginning months and we TRULY appreciate it ~ from our heart of hearts. We have always dreamt of creating a 3D lifestyle of 12 Step Swag. Then boom, here we grow.

Whether your "thing" is alcohol, heroin, crack, food, sex, shopping or eating plastic bags (yes, that's a thing...the list goes on) congrats, you qualify! We've learned that our addictions are but a symbol, the manifestation of a much deeper issue. Addiction presents itself in many ways. It's crazy like that! It's sneaky, smart, confusing, powerful...and definitely patient.

How many of you have experienced a lengthy (I use that term loosely) period of sobriety and thought to yourself, "I'm good now. I don't really need to keep doing this shit." And then, an undetermined amount of time later, followed by the thought "how the hell did this happen again?"

Yep, we get it. We were there.

At one point it might have been fun and creative, a social lubricant, kinda like a super power! On the other hand it's destructive, tragic, heart-breaking and seems to have a mind of its own. It ruins relationships and families, makes us insane and unable to manage our lives. Usually we experience some type of progression from fun to effed up. I heard a guy at a meeting describe the progression of his drinking career in 3 stages: "fun, fun with problems, problems". However, everyone's alcoholic/addictive career is different. You might have jumped straight into problems...that sucks! Or does it?

If you have recovered (I use that term loosely as well), you might actually be grateful for your pain and look at this illness as a gift. If you are in the grips of the disease, you may look at it as a living hell.

No matter where you're at, just remember that your experience can help others. Drunk, clean or sober; we need you. Keep coming back :)

Or even better -- STAY.

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